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A world-leading social science hub that brings together some of the world’s largest databases on Democracy, Environment, Migration, Social Policy, Conflict, and Representation

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What is Demscore?

An advanced and innovative e-infrastructure providing users with free access to harmonized and quality-controlled data from several of the world’s most prominent social science research institutes.

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Auto-generated codebooks, detailed documentation, and step by step guides on how to use the available resources, including general tips and inspiration.

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Publically available and user-friendly access to 25,000 variables across a broad range of topics via a selective data download interface and online visualization tools – open source and free of charge.

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Demscore's main objective is to advance national and international research on complex societal challenges facing the world, including how to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Varieties of Democracies

University of Gothenburg

The world's largest dataset on democracy. V-Dem is a unique approach to conceptualizing and measuring democracy by providing a multidimensional and disaggregated dataset covering more than 450 indicators across 185 countries, from 1900 to today.

Uppsala Conflict Data Program

Uppsala University

The world’s main provider of data on organized violence and the oldest ongoing data collection project for civil war. Its definition of armed conflict has become the global standard of how conflicts are systematically defined and studied.

Quality of Government

University of Gothenburg

Offers some of the largest and most comprehensive datasets on governance and socio-economic indicators. The data is compiled from over one hundred public data sources, on figures related to Quality of Government, as well as statistics of countries and regions, more broadly.

Comparative Policy Laboratory

Stockholm University

World leading data infrastructure on social, environmental, and migration policies. The policy data collected and distributed by COMPLAB are critical to facilitate state-of-the-art analyzes of policymaking in contemporary societies.

Representative Democracy

Umeå University

A distinguished dataset infrastructure on national and local governments across Europe and the OECD. REPDEM produces data that differentiates among institutions, rules and practices in established and stable parliamentary democracies.

Historical Data Archive

Stockholm University

The soon to be hub for collecting, integrating and curating historical data for all other Demscore partners. The H-Data project collects data for numerous indicators of democracy and other institutional features, from the French Revolution to the early twentieth century.

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