Demscore (acronym for research infrastructure for Democracy, Environment, Migration, Social policy, Conflict, and Representation) brings together some of the world’s leading contextual research infrastructures and databases located at various Swedish universities.

Demscore is building a world-leading hub for contextual data with user-friendly access to data, documentation, and online visualization tools. The consortium includes several national and internationally renowned databases of outmost importance for the scientific community when tackling complex societal challenges associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda and beyond. The joint Demscore infrastructure ensures that data integrity and quality is at the highest international standards, and it maximizes usability in the measurement of contextual data with over 25,000 variables across nearly all countries in the world, from 1789 to the present. It creates critical time- and cost saving advantages in data collection, management, distribution, and not the least for end-users in the scientific community. A fully normalized, joint PostgreSQL database, sophisticated programming, and a web-based interface will make it possible to select a series of variables across all six Demscore databases, and get a custom-designed dataset and codebook generated automatically. In addition, online analysis and visualization tools will be available alongside detailed documentation on methodologies and data curation.

Demscore facilitates large-scale comparative analyses on the grand challenges of today’s societies, including those caused by population aging, rapidly changing migration patterns, increased social inequalities, accelerating globalization, recurrent financial crises, political deadlocks, violent conflict, and the rise of populism. The interdisciplinary nature of Demscore data is essential to advance adequate policy responses to such complex, and interrelated societal challenges facing Sweden, Europe, and the world today. The University of Gothenburg leads the Demscore consortium which also includes Stockholm-, Uppsala-, and Umeå universities.

The data is provided by Demscore's partnering research institutes:

Funded by the Swedish Research Council, University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University, Uppsala University and Umeå University


Datasets included


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Who can get access?

Demscore is for everyone everywhere, completely free of charge. For policy makers, academics, students, teachers, NGO:s, civil society groups, activists, citizens, etc. Anyone with an interest in our societies are certain to find Demscore worth exploring.

When will the data be available?

The data will be made publically available in late 2021 – early 2022. More information is coming soon.